Development concept

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“Clean, Safe, Dynamic” as the theme.

The “cutting” process in food processing occupies an important position. As well as improving work efficiency, it is also closing up from the aspect of “taste”, even in “beauty of appearance” that complements taste.
The theme is to cleanse, safely and dynamically process foods in various conditions including fresh produce, frozen products, and chilled products that are rapidly increasing in demand in recent years.

Consolidate original know-how to keep outstanding sharpness
Cutting machine of ingredients

In food cutting machines, what is particularly important is “sharpness”. Smooth cutting does not impair the deliciousness of food, it is beautifully finished and work efficiency improves.
Our Shichinajimaya engineering sticks to the performance of “sharpness”, and has created unique know-how. Tough and maintenance-free performance, which makes it easy to handle large amounts of foodstuffs, should surely be useful at various food processing sites.

Beautiful finish & speedy. We promise greatly improved work efficiency.
Fast! Beautiful! Quiet!

If the type of ingredients and the form to be finished are different, the performance of the processing machine and the setting contents will naturally differ. Shichijimaya Engineering responds flexibly to requests from such sites. Until now, we have responded to requests from various food processing sites such as meat and seafood, processed soy products, pickles and fruits. We will also introduce new models that anticipate needs, such as design and construction of full-scale food processing lines, as well as small stores, “Dynamini” which enables installation in a limited space. We promise speedy and beautiful finish of ingredients and dramatic improvement of work efficiency in all systems / products.

Exchange and disassembly Ease. High pressure cleaning is also possible.
Excellent maintenance

What we cherish most. That is to “utilize the voices of the workplace for products” of food processing. For that reason, our development is out of the theory of the desk, and we will always proceed based on customer’s processing site. Besides performance, we stick to the ease of maintenance after introduction, too, from such a position-oriented attitude. The customer who introduced us will always use it comfortably in the best condition. I am convinced that this will lead to trust in our company and are working on uncompromising research and development.